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Our Story


DAPPER CLOTHING COMPANY ® was created to represent a POSITIVE life style for anyone trying to get ahead, and reach their goals in life. Our definition of “Dapper” embodies the original meaning of strikingly neat and trim in style or appearance. Come get fresh and different from the masses! The Dapper brand was established in February 2019 and federally trademarked in Aug. 2019.

Mission Statement:

Live Life Love just like its written, means live your Life to the fullest with no regrets. We believe, learn from your mistakes, and keep focused while running over any bumps in the road to get to the main goal you’ve set.  Love life, love each breath of air and try to find the good out of the bad. We can’t choose the cards life has dealt us but we can choose how to deal with them. Don’t forget to love your neighbor, treat people the way you want to be treated. Help others when you can, and stay DAPPER WHILE DOING SO…

C.R /DAPPER Clothing Company ® Owner