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DAPPER CLOTHING COMPANY was created to represent a courageous, ambitious and creative life style.  Our focus at DAPPER embodies the universal meaning of “Strikingly neat and trim in style or appearance!”

This brand is for anyone who Been through something, Going through something and trying to Get to something.  I Grind to try to make every piece fashionable and unique with sleek design.  Giving back is always at the top of the list.  We are always trying to find ways to intertwine that into the brand. 
Dapper was established in 2019 with two soft launches, doing most sales by word of mouth and custom orders. I knew it was time to take the company to the next step…the net!  Here we are after a little time trying to figure out how to replace the same quality in clothing and customer service as I could in person.  We are ready!
As a consumer who loves fashion and has spent a lot of money on different pieces, it’s only right to use the top quality, no drop ship, shipping same day process.  Everything is printed or sewn locally (PDX) and the site is simplified to help you find things more easily.
If you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to send a message.  Thanks for stopping by.  Looking forward to your business in the future.